"It is one thing for an instructor to tell a student to approach and to give feedback, and another for an instructor to also have the skill himself and be available to show it off"
- RSD teacher Policy

While traveling around the world teaching at the various Superconferences and Bootcamps, Executive Coaches have gathered intelligence from international cultures worldwide. In addition, every Executive Coach completes a rigorous training program and intensive field work worldwide. In order to maintain the highest tier of quality of Real Social Dynamics Instructors, all Instructors must receive consecutive outstanding evaluations from clients of Real Social Dynamics Live Programs and spend several months of training with Executive Coaches. Instructors must demonstrate to Management that they are able to consistently demonstrate high caliber social intellegence. This is usually completed by having each instructor apprentice to Executive Coaches to prove that they are able to attract, teach, and demonstrate relationship skills. Executive Coaches are the most thoroughly trained and field-experienced Real Social Dynamics Instructors. Instructors receive international training from the world’s best lifestyle coaches, dating gurus, fashion experts, NLP practitioners, and voice trainers.
“Watching these guys in action completely blew away my cognitive model of what was possible. They would walk up to the most attractive people in the place and have them completely attracted within seconds. You can imagine the level of expertise that these instructors possess, to be able to put their reputations on the line at each program, and bring you out to show how it’s done live. I’d never seen anything like it prior to the program. Each RSD member has their own unique style and way of doing things, following the same model and understandings.” – Victor B. of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Each Executive Coach teaches unique perspectives of attracting beautiful people; they have unique perceptions on styles of fashion; and every Executive Coach have field experiences, and personal and professional accomplishments that make their background diverse and fascinating. From training clients on how to attract the relationship of their dreams around the world to transforming clients’ identities with complete fashion & style makeovers, every Executive Coach creates a curriculum for RSD Live Programs an intensive coaching experience guaranteed to be a unique and positively live-changing experience. Through highly personalized field training and individualized coaching briefings, you will be guided through an intense program designed to meet attractive relationships in any situation anywhere.


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TYLER – Executive Coach

Tyler is the Co-Founder and Executive Producer for Real Social Dynamics. He has been the creative mastermind and main public speaker at hundreds of RSD seminars worldwide. The foundational principles, concepts, and lessons of Real Social Dynamics centers around advanced content Tyler created while traveling the world and analyzing male-and-female interactions.

“Watching and listening to Tyler explain social dynamics was so fascinating, as his in depth understanding of social dynamics is rare in this community. You have to be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone and approach a wide variety of groups of people – including groups where people may be with parents, siblings, you name it. Combine that with the opportunity to ask instructors questions where they answer based on their vast experience and your attraction can improve significantly in a very short period of time.”

Cliff K.,Publisher of Cliff’s List from Montreal, Canada

JEFFY- Executive Coach

After attending San Francisco State University as an English Literature student, Jeff (aka “jlaix”) became the editor for the Real Social Dynamics E-Course, writing articles about his adventures traveling the world and attracting beautiful people. His particular area of expertise is polyamorous experiences EXCLUSIVELY in order to develop a strong, consistent skill-set in this area.

In 2007, he released a critically acclaimed DVD program called “The Jeffy Show.” Simon & Schuster published his memoir “Get L*** or Die Trying” in 2011. In 2014, he released his magnum opus on Online and Internet Dating, “Execute The Program.”

Jeff has worked as an Executive Coach with Real Social Dynamics since 2003, running programs practically every weekend for the last 12 years in over 100 cities across North America, Australia, Africa and Europe. He is extremely passionate about getting his students ACTUAL RESULTS and is continually improving his program to achieve this end.

“Jeff knew exactly how detrimental each of my mistakes were and how much focus to give to each of them. This was invaluable. My fear of escalating is effectively vaporized. Jeffy gave me MORE than I truly expected. He is ridiculously passionate in connecting with you regarding what it is you want, what to look out for, what to integrate into your lifestyle, and how seriously to take it all. He really puts himself into these programs fully, and he makes sure that you don’t leave without feeling a stronger presence within yourself. Overall…I’d say this bootcamp was the beginning of a major turning point in my life that I’d been subconsciously anticipating and preparing for. Jeff’s consideration for your growth is overwhelming. That he truly wants to grow WITH you, and devotes himself fully. He took my cloudy, awkward, and forced ‘attraction’ and in three nights turned it into a clearly focused, natural force of becoming. “

Stuart J. From Baton Rouge, USA

Luke– Executive Coach

Luke is the Chief Coach at Vegas Immersion Program (VIP), whereby all-year-long clients learn success and lifestyle management from a master of building an elite social circle in Las Vegas. In addition for running VIP, Luke teaches bootcamps and builds high-end courses for students interested in learning how to meet and attract the most classy and attractive people from around the world. He travels with Tyler and frequents his house in the Hollywood Hills for developing cutting-edge techniques on how to meet the social circle of your dreams. You are able to see him in action and learn from him directly via bootcamps and customized coaching trainings available for clients of every age. Unique to RSD, Luke has also developed luxury programs for high-roller clients and mature students interested in specially-tailored curriculum.

Madison– Executive Coach

In 8 years, Madison has built a reputation as one of the world’s leading experts in self-confidence and cold-approach techniques. Having toured with every RSD instructor to assist on live programs and seminars all over North America, he has come a long way from his early days. To overcome his extreme introversion as a youth, he embarked on a journey of self discovery. He traveled the world, read over 500 personal development books, and aligned himself with world-renowned mentors, and worked daily to achieve a highly specific character and behavior-based road map to improvement. This all culminated in deep identity level change at the cellular level. His background includes working in the fashion, advertising, and music industry. He teaches confidence, originality, and razor sharp communication skills that will transform anyone’s approach to social interactions. With his inside expertise, Madison will fully prepare his clients to embark on or reach new heights in their personal journey.


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